Keshav (Kay-shav)





Me in a few seconds:

I’m a Product Manager, Technology Storyteller, Marketer, Public Speaker and a passionate business development guy – though not in that order. I’m passionate about connecting the dots with life and technology and always curious to see a different point of view. I like to be on the move and enjoy doing that. Deep thinker and a minimalist

More Bragging 😀

I’m Keshav. I work for a software company that offers technology and services for business and engineering innovation. I’m proudly responsible for global product management (business development) of Math and System Design products. Born and raised in South India. Have been living in Michigan for quite sometime now and have traveled to 5 continents. I globe trot frequently and love every bit of it.

I’m just as comfortable presenting about a new technology to a large audience as I would be cooking a meal for my friends or a football game (go blue!) or learning something new (such as Zouk). As long as I’m surrounded by good people, I always find a way to have fun and be happy. I’m an avid long-distance runner and have enjoyed running in some cool events (Rock CF, Dances with Dirt; Dexter-Ann Arbor marathon; Detroit Free Press)

I’m an amateur singer. Here are a few sound bites:

Please feel free to write to me at or connect with me on LinkedIn –


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